Seigur is a small consulting company offering a range of business management, content strategy, and Peopleware Engineering (human resources) services. In addition, Seigur can assist with your reports and your academic research projects. Contact Seigur today to discuss your project and how we can help.


Dr Ali Terkelsen

The principal consultant, Ali, has an academic background in economics, with a specialisation in behavioural economics. She also has years of experience in distributed remote work, both during her PhD and as the Peopleware Engineer to Prospress, Inc. Ali is passionate about assisting small businesses and startups, particularly in the high tech sector.

With a genuine, hands-on interest in developing people and businesses, Ali delivers a practical approach backed by research and theory.


Carolyn Wells

In a former life Carolyn was a documentary producer on more than 30 documentaries for worldwide broadcasters – with a few high profile names from Michael Caine to Morgan Spurlock. One of her favourite films to work on was an independent documentary about men with a love for My Little Pony (yes, that’s right – Google A Brony Tale!).

After years living in London, UK, Carolyn went for a change of pace and now lives in a mountain town in Canada in order to get into the wilderness as much as possible. Carolyn is putting her Journalism Masters and superior skills in organisational wizardry to good use to help with all Seigur’s activities.