Research and Consulting

Seigur offers research and business management consulting to a range of enterprises, with a special interest in creating and promoting a healthy, welcoming, people-focused company culture. With over 15 years of experience in behavioural research and practical strategy development, Seigur can help with anything from your corporate administration, human resources strategy and coaching, to your content strategy.

Human resources strategy and coaching

The world of work is changing. We’ve heard it so often it’s hard to remember these words have real significance. Seigur believes that in practical terms, it means that knowledge workers in flat organisations do not have a traditional hierarchy for development and promotion. Career development and advancement means developing the individual, both their professional skills and their personal growth.

Seigur provides a range of human resources (peopleware) services, such as:

  • research, develop, and manage an inclusive process for recruiting and hiring new employees
  • develop a strategy for training of existing employees, including professional development plans
  • coordinate payroll and letters of offer
  • develop leave policies
  • research, develop, implement, and manage the company’s quarterly review process
  • conduct one-on-one calls with your team for personal and professional development
  • organise a strategy for the company’s meetups, and coordinate the organisation of activities to promote company bonding, personal and professional development
  • develop strategies to promote desired culture, particularly in a remote, distributed team
Content strategy for employer branding:

Every business has a story to tell: how it was founded, the inspiration for its products, the culture and vibe of its team.

Seigur will assist you in developing your content strategy, including:

  • blog posts about your company
  • interviews with your customers
  • establishing your social media presence